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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

TiMe ManaGemeNt TiPs

People are constantly complaining saying they wish they had more time in a day. The fact of the matter if you learn proper time management your time your life would be less stressful and you would actually get more done in less time.

If you are someone who is always running short on time. Then continue reading this article on time management tips then start taking action by applying them in your life every day. If you do you will soon experience less stress and easily getting your daily tasks done in a breeze.

Here are 6 Easy Steps to Properly Manage Your Time.

1. Do not let others interfere with your schedule. This is so important because that is just what happens some calls or stops by and the next thing you know 2 to 3 hours has gone by and you are now way behind.

2. Make a list of what needs done every day as well as weekly tasks. This will really help you complete them because most people try to keep track of all of this in their mind. The next thing you know you are forgetting about this and that and it does not get done. Then you fall behind.

3. Keep a schedule of your list in a daily planner this way at a glance you can see exactly what you need to be working on and when. This makes your life so much easily and less stressful.

4. Learn to delegate chores and tasks out to others. This really helps to easy the load and you are able to do other more important things.

5. Try and combined trips to the store with other trips doing other errands this way it cuts down on your time running errands. Then it frees up time to do something you want to do like one of your favorite hobbies.

6. Limit the amount of time you spend on the phone, computer or watching television because all of these activities are time stealers. Once that time is gone it is gone.

I hope these time management tips are helpful to you


  1. belajar OM, office management pon de "pgurusan"..penting sgt utk psti kan smua berjalan dgn teratur =)

    no thing will be worst, if we manage all the thing =)

  2. time mngmt really important in our daily life.thanks ziha 4 ur share...